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Floral Wedding Tips

Flowers not only provide visual delight for wedding guests; they also can express the personality of the bride and groom and the wedding party. Here is a primer on how to think about them for this special and memorable occasion in your life.

Choosing floral colors

Decide which colors in your ceremony and reception location you want to enhance or play down. If the walls are yellow, yellow blooms may fade into the background, causing the green stems to stand out.

Troll the paint aisle at the local hardware store and pick up free paint chips that appeal to you. Consider the lighting you have to work with at a day wedding: sunlight will flood the space, so pale colors may get washed out. At a dimly lit evening wedding, on the other hand, purple may appear grey in photographs. So try using warm colors (red, orange, yellow) in low-light settings. Warm colors reflect light better, while cool colors--such as blue, purple, and green--recede into darkness. Pick three colors to start; you can add more later.

Looking to create drama? Opt for contrast (red and chartreuse green, for instance). Sequential colors (those next to one another in the rainbow) evoke a subtle sophistication. If you choose to stay with one color palette, choose flowers with different textures to keep the arrangements from looking flat.

Settling on a style

Certain colors and blooms evoke different levels of formality, depending on their qualities and how they are arranged. If you want a casual, carefree feel, for instance, a white phalaenopsis orchid will look like an overdressed dinner guest. On the other end of the spectrum, a formal affair requires something more elegant than earthy yellow sunflowers. Most flowers do not fall easily into one category or the other. But, generally speaking, bright colors and dynamic shapes have a an informal feel, while muted, monochromatic, or single variety collections appear more formal. When you meet with your florist, bring color chips and photos of your venue as well as images of flowers and wedding decorations that resonate with you to help the florist understand your vision and preferences.

Budget considerations

You can prioritize your floral budget the same way you would your overall budget. Except, instead of focusing on basic needs first, you will focus on primary visual appeal. Saving the majority of your floral budget for the reception is wise. Here is where your guests will see the flowers for the longest time and up close. Next in priority is the flowers for the bridal party. These will be photographed and should stand up to the wear and tear they will have as the party moves about, shaking hands with guests, gesturing, and dancing.

Other considerations

One of the reasons that brides hire florists is to lessen their stress just before and after their wedding day. In addition to the types and colors of flowers and arrangements to make, there are the issues of keeping the flowers fresh before and during the wedding, and perhaps preserving them and refreshing them for the day after’s festivities. Please call us to talk about your wedding flowers and budget. Our preliminary consultations are free.